SupportLogic Launches Agent SX

SupportLogic today launched Agent SX with its February product release. SupportLogic Agent SX delivers real-time coaching and feedback with artificial intelligence-driven recommendations to prioritize cases, collaborate more efficiently, and improve their performance across multiple dimensions of service delivery.

With SupportLogic Agent SX, agents can view customer sentiment on their own cases and set up alerts when interesting events, such as negative sentiments, are detected. They can also predict the likelihood of case escalations.

Agent SX also delivers more context and insights on backlog cases, can adjust future case loads, and provides real-time performance metrics and coaching.

New capabilities in the February release include the following:

  • Agent console, a modern dashboard that provides proactive coaching;
  • Continuous prioritization, to rank cases in real time based on urgency and customer sentiment;
  • Case guidance that prompts agents to act on meaningful signals distinct from metadata-driven CRM case status; and
  • Predictive Alerts for pre-determined issues, like when a case is escalated.

"Support agents play a critical role in serving as the face of a company. Providing a positive customer experience is critical to protect and expand revenue streams in a subscription business model," said Krishna Raj Raja, founder and CEO of SupportLogic, in a statement. "Today we are extending our intelligence platform for the first time to directly help agents so that they can deliver an exceptional service experience on a daily basis."

"SupportLogic Agent SX gives us a 24x7 coaching and decision engine for our entire support team," said Giri Iyer, senior vice president of global customer support and success at Rubrik, in a statement. "By extending the ability to predict and understand the factors driving escalation and customer churn to all of our agents, we will get a multiplier effect on the value of SupportLogic and improve our customer service experience."

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Posted May 17, 2022