SupportLogic Launches SX Platform and Applications

SupportLogic, a support experience platform provider, today launched the SupportLogic SX platform and applications for solving critical issues facing support organizations.

The new SupportLogic SX platform contains the following:

  • SX Prevent, providing artificial intelligence-backed signal extraction to power predictive and actionable insights gleaned from support interactions;
  • SX Predict, a customer escalation prediction and prevention toolset;
  • SX Elevate, for agent management, coaching, and quality monitoring; and
  • SX Retain, for customer health scoring and churn prediction.

Additionally, users of Intelligent Case Assignment in SX Predict can access SupportLogic's AI-powered agent recommendations by suitability to work on the case, search for specific agents, or route inquiries to different queues.

In SX Prevent, cases can be grouped together under a single customer account, and cases in any escalation-related state (likely to escalate, escalation requested, escalated, previously predicted) are now listed in a single table.

SX Predict and SX Retain also now provide sentiment scores for each case to be updated in Salesforce at regular intervals.

"Positive customer experiences cannot exist without a great support experience, and support employees play a key role in delivering that," said Krishna Raj Raja, founder and CEO of SupportLogic, in a statement. "SupportLogic SX elevates both employee and customer experience in a single package. And SupportLogic provides valuable insight that feeds the entire business, from customer success, product teams, and even sales and marketing, so businesses can protect and grow customer revenue."

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Posted February 10, 2021