CXInfinity Integrate Videos Chat with Cisco Finesse Contact Centerss

CXInfinity, providers of a digital omnichannel customer engagement platform, launched video chat for Cisco Finesse contact centers.

CXInfinity provides a unified console for agents to switch channels over a single screen without losing conversation context. Customers can switch from a webchat to video chat to WhatsApp conversation, email, etc., in real time.

The integration of Cisco with Video Chat and other digital channels offers the following:

  • Instant transition to video chat from text chats;
  • Face-to-face interaction for personalized assistance and visual guidance of product walkthroughs, video know your customer, and more.
  • The ability to switch back to text or co-browsing or share documents.
  • Third-party integrations with customer details and interaction history displayed on agents' screens.

"Today, CX does not mean replying to customer queries but connecting with customers for a more extended period. Businesses must make customers feel valued instead of just a number. Video chat for Cisco from CXInfinity is one such initiative that functions on the concept of creating emotional connect. Now businesses can offer personalized conversation across channels in real- ime and from a single console. The face-to-face interactions will increase resolution rate and reduce handle time. It is a solution that built a stronger relationship between customers and businesses," said Amit Gandhi, CEO CXInfinity and NovelVox, in a statement.