CXInfinity Launches Co-Browsing

Contact center solutions provider CXInfinity has launched Co-browse to allow companies to guide their customers in real time.

CXInfinity Co-browse lets agents view customer screens in real time and guide them whenever they are stuck with downloads, form filling, product demos and installation, and more. Everything appears on a unified agent desktop that allows the agent to view customer data and co-browsing sessions simultaneously.

CXInfinity Co-browse also allows secure streaming with data masking, encrypted connections, and audio/video recording to reinforce accountability.

"In-person communication can never be compromised or substituted. So, we wanted our customers not to limit to chat but step further with co-browsing. It is secure and private. Without any download or plug-in, businesses will be able to connect with customers over simple browsing sessions," said Amit Gandhi, CEO of CXInfinity, in a statement. "With powerful integrations and AI in place, co-browsing will raise customer satisfaction, reduce support cost, increase revenue, and optimize agent performance, all while improving CX for the brand."