Experience Improved Results with a Cloud Contact Center Solution

Today's contact centers have been challenged to be faster, more efficient, and technologically advanced. Customers want to avoid the issues that often give service a bad image, including long wait times and having to repeat information. In the process of trying to impress these customers, however, businesses often experience limitations due to their outdated systems or lack of flexibility when it comes to agents working remotely. What is a contact center to do?

Thanks to innovative cloud contact center solutions, companies now have a new option. No longer do contact center supervisors have to wait months to implement software or systems that can improve agent performance and, thus, enhance the customer experience. Cloud-based solutions provide businesses with the ability to be up and running in hours instead of days, are accessible to your agents wherever they are, and allow contact centers to operate across multiple channels simultaneously.

One of the biggest benefits of cloud contact centers is the tools it gives your agents to provide high-quality customer experiences through an effective customer service call center. A recent Aberdeen Group study found that 45 percent of respondents cited improved customer experience as the largest driver in choosing a cloud-based deployment. In best-in-class contact centers, you will often find voice-of-the-customer tools to measure customer satisfaction via post-call surveys and verbal feedback. By analyzing the data collected from these surveys, you can make changes to your service policies or offer training to your agents to improve your customers' experiences. Agents also have expert advice at their fingertips through cloud technologies, meaning that customers can get their questions answered quickly and accurately. With the speed offered by the cloud, you can increase first-contact resolution rates and empower agents to provide excellent service to everyone who reaches out to your company.

Lead conversion rates can also be improved when businesses adopt cloud contact center solutions. By using a cloud-based outbound predictive dialer and concurrent campaign management, you can easily configure your outreach strategies. Telemarketing, inside sales, and order centers can be developed quickly and in any location with cloud access, facilitating your company's sales efforts. Additionally, to enable better agent coaching and training, cloud platforms easily record each conversation and track key performance indicators that empower managers to provide actionable feedback that will improve agents' conversion skills for the future. Aberdeen found that in cloud-based contact centers, nearly twice as many (61 percent versus 33 percent) provided agents with weekly feedback. Finally, the ability to integrate your cloud solution with your CRM system allows your agents to access your customer database during a conversation, providing more personalized and relevant information. With cloud technologies, acquiring new lead conversions has become even simpler.

The next time your contact center is looking for an upgrade, consider a cloud-based solution. Its ease of use, rapid deployment, and flexibility make it an ideal answer for supervisors and managers looking to get ahead in the industry and provide customers with a positive experience they'll remember.

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