Roger Beadle

CEO of Limitless
Roger Beadle

Roger Beadle is an entrepreneur and business leader. After establishing several businesses in the contact center industry, he co-founded Limitless with Megan Neale in 2016. Limitless is a gig-economy platform that addresses some of the biggest challenges faced by the contact center industry: low pay, high attrition, and access to new talent. 

Previously, Beadle and Neale helped build an outsourced contact center business in Europe before selling it to the Hinduja Group. They were also both founding shareholders of Semafone, a provider of security solutions for contact centers.  r providing on-demand customer service that can flex in line with demand.  

Beadle is an outspoken proponent of digital ethics, worker’s rights and the GoodGig® which encapsulates gig work for incremental pay versus full time work, skilled gig work, no unpaid time/downtime and zero expenses.

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