Salesforce Adds Einstein to Service Cloud today launched Service Cloud Einstein, an intelligent customer service platform connected to CRM data across sales, commerce, marketing, and more.

Service Cloud Einstein fully integrates with Salesforce Customer Success Platform and gives employees at multiple levels access to insights that could aid the resolution of service issues faster and more efficiently while personalizing the customer experience.

"Our customers have asked us how we can make them more intelligent about the way they run their businesses," says Bobby Amezaga, senior director of product marketing for Salesforce Service Cloud. "We can say with 100 percent certainty that by giving them access to info about how agents are performing and customers are outcomes will be improved."

Einstein Service cloud components include Einstein Supervisor, which combines real-time operational insights with smart data discovery, like agent availability, queues, and wait times, to enable managers to take smarter actions. Traditionally, this data is generated after the fact through a lengthy report process that then requires human analysis.

Einstein Supervisor can also predict customer satisfaction and make specific recommendations to improve the customer experience. Einstein Case management automatically gathers relevant information using machine learning to resolve issues, even while high-priority cases are identified and routed to the best agent for the call.

"Our clients are engaging with their customers on every communication channel, including messaging, and a supervisor or team lead or anyone who manages customer service reps are often looking at queues and inbound requests, work in progress, and trying to figure out where to throw people to solve problems to the best of of their ability," says Michael Ramsey, senior vice president of Service Cloud product management. "What we are doing with Einstein Supervisor is the number crunching for them and automatically slicing the data and giving insights using natural language."

"The purpose of using AI for these process is not to replace the supervisors' or agents' work but augment it to make them smarter so they can make short- and long-term actions that everyone will benefit from," Amezaga adds.>

For employees in the field, Intelligent Mobile Service keeps mobile employees connected with an app powered by advanced algorithms. The app is fully available both on and offline—key for service employees who could be working in remote areas that might not have cellular coverage.

The long-term goal for Einstein Service Cloud's AI capabilities is to inform longer-term processes across other dimensions of a company's business functions, including research and development and marketing, Ramsey says.

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