Pega Adds More AI Capabilities to Customer Service Platform

The Pega Platform just got an update to its customer service application, including a number of new artificial intelligence features aimed at shortening how long it takes agents to resolve requests, cut down on errors, and boost customer satisfaction while freeing up agents’ time to work on complex requests.

One of the additions to the customer service application is the Pega AI-augmented agent. The tool will help live agents by providing AI-generated responses during chat conversations using contextual analysis and natural language processing in real time.

Pegasystems also introduced a virtual assistant for email, which will parse incoming email messages. Natural language processing will play a key role in this technology as well—NLP will assess not only the requests in each email but also the general sentiment before routing it further to either a person or a bot.

“When it comes to satisfying your customers, every second counts in the digital world. This is why many of our clients turn to our AI-powered solutions to help bring fast and accurate resolution to service cases coming in from any channel,” said Don Schuerman, CTO and vice president of product marketing at Pegasystems, in a company statement.

The third feature added to Pega’s platform is an “intelligent” interactive voice response (IVR) system. Unlike traditional IVR, this solution lets callers skip traditional call menus and instead proceed to a more personalized call experience. The artificial intelligence that powers the IVR uses customers’ past interactions as well as real-time content to anticipate the customer’s reason for calling and present more relevant menu options.

“These latest features reinforce Pega’s vision on the role of AI in augmenting the workforce—giving them access to insights and knowledge that elevates their performance. This, in turn, will allow organizations to deliver unprecedented experiences in the most demanding competitive environments,” Schuerman added.

All of the new capabilities will be available at the end of October with the release of the latest version of Pega Customer Service and the Pega Platform. 

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