NewVoiceMedia Updates its Cloud Contact Center Platform

NewVoiceMedia, a global provider of cloud contact center and inside sales technologies, today revealed three product enhancements designed to help sales and service professionals better communicate with their customers. According to Dennis Fois, NewVoiceMedia’s COO and president, the additions—which include Global Voice Assurance, Contact Accelerator, and Conversation Analyzer—promise to drive more satisfying and consistent phone calls, regardless of what geographic location an agent is in, and help companies mine their conversations for insights to improve future communications.

“Not a lot of organizations talk about this, but doing voice on a global scale is really hard,” Fois says. By adding Global Voice Assurance to its ContactWorld Platform, NewVoiceMedia aims to help contact centers run high-quality operations in different parts of the world. The new call routing infrastructure allows organizations to control all of their contact center assets using a single call plan. Because the application can access telephony servers in different countries rather than sending communications to global headquarters and back again, companies can reduce call delays and latencies. Managers can configure and manage their call centers through one touch point. They can better oversee peak call periods and agent-shift switches with an intelligent overflow capability, which automatically routes incoming calls to centers that are less busy. In addition to reducing call wait times and making conversations more clear and intelligible for customers, the solution can make it easier for managers to store reports in one consolidated window and enable global and local views of performance statistics.

The Contact Accelerator function aims to ensure that sales teams are achieving success with their cold calls. Taking into account that potential customers often miss calls when they are contacted at random times, or when they don’t pick up because it’s a number they don’t recognize, users can automatically reschedule communications according to optimal times, cadence, and channels (voice, chat, or email, for instance) within the NewVoiceMedia dialer. The technology can also program the calls to appear with local area codes to increase a customer’s likelihood of answering.

“What we’re able to do, effectively, is to create the ideal template and make sure that that is replicated for reps,” Fois says. “But, more importantly, it also means those reps can’t hoard lists anymore.” The Contact Accelerator makes sure that leads are cycled throughout the organization, and users are encouraged to deftly combine digital and phone channels to reach their prospects.

Also new to the ContactWorld platform—the addition Fois is most excited about, and “a long time in the making”—is the Conversation Analyzer. It is an integrated speech analytics solution that offers companies insights into the data they capture during customer phone calls. Using speech-to-text transcription capabilities, Conversation Analyzer can categorize calls according to the content and sentiments they contain, picking out themes and displaying the details on a visual graph to illustrate what parts of a call went well and what areas should be improved. The data can also be combined with interaction data stored in CRM systems such and a variety of other third-party vendors via open API compatibility. NewVoice Media will also be training the system in new languages besides English, Fois points out.

According to Fois, the sales and service use cases for the solution are virtually “limitless.” For example, a coach or adviser can check the call data to see if an agent is following the proper protocol during interactions with customers. Users can look back at their historical call data to see when a contact was linked with a sale. They can then determine whether agents were addressing the right points or asking the proper amount of questions. A benefit of applying these techniques, he predicts, will be preventing customer churn.

The three additions, placed together, “get us closer to offering a more intuitive, and immersive customer experience platform,” Fois says.

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