NewVoiceMedia Launches Global Call Routing Architecture

NewVoiceMedia today launched a global call routing architecture for organizations running contact centers in multiple geographies. This platform enhancement will optimize contact center management and operations.

NewVoiceMedia enables organizations to use a single call plan in their ContactWorld platform to control their global contact center assets. By enabling the application to use telephony servers in remote geographies, businesses will now be able to configure and manage their global call centers through a single central touch point. An ntelligent overflow capability automatically routes calls to centers with spare capacity, no matter what their location.

The company's enhanced communications network helps businesses manage resources across the globe as a single entity. Reporting can be consolidated and simplified, giving businesses a global or local view of performance statistics.

"NewVoiceMedia delivers a telephony-agnostic cloud contact center with global infrastructure that allows customers to operate a single call plan for all of their globally distributed sales and service agents," said Ashley Unitt, chief technology officer at NewVoiceMedia, in a statement. "And with 40 percent of agents using our technology based outside their contact center's home country, this enhancement could impact around half of the world's global agents. Our global network will deliver a superior customer experience through the ability to route calls more effectively across the world with better visibility of agent productivity and centralized management reporting."

"NewVoiceMedia's solutions, built on the Salesforce platform, not only help businesses optimize management of their global contact centers, but also ensure high-quality experiences for their customers," said Todd Surdey, senior vice president of independent software partner sales at, in a statement. "We're pleased to work closely with NewVoiceMedia to make our joint customers even more successful."

NewVoiceMedia's ContactWorld solution is a multitenant intelligent communications platform. Core contact center functionality, such as omnichannel contact routing, self-service IVR, automated outbound dialling, screen pops, and instantaneous CRM updates, are provided.

The new global call routing architecture is currently in an invitation-only pilot and is expected to be part of NewVoiceMedia's Winter Release.

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According to the company's president and COO, the releases help companies "master the basics" in their contact centers and "home in on the DNA" of outstanding conversations.

Posted September 21, 2017