Medallia Acquires Kampyle to Better Capture Customer Feedback

Customer experience management company Medallia acquired customer feedback capturing technology Kampyle earlier this week and rolled it into Medallia Digital—a combined feedback management and data analytics solution. Together, the two solutions will deliver more omnichannel insight into the customer experience because it will take both offline and online data into account.

"When you think about banking, it costs banks so much less to have a customer use a mobile app than it does to have a teller perform the transaction. But regardless of whether that experience happens in person or on a mobile device, companies need to be able to collect feedback on that engagement. That’s where Kampyle plays an important role," says Sam Keninger, head of product marketing at Medallia.

Kampyle and Medallia have been longtime partners, and Keninger doesn’t anticipate any major changes for users on the back end. The technologies are already heavily integrated, and users likely won’t notice any differences. Kampyle’s technology is connected to Medallia data analytics platform, so feedback captured through Kampyle's technology is fed into the analytics platform and made actionable for users.

Some of Kampyle's capabilities include being able to capture both active and passive feedback on digital experience using tools such as abandonment surveys. The technology can also segment and target customers through an interface integrated with multiple external platforms that combine voice of the customer with key operational data and insights such as CRM systems, web analytics tools, and heat maps, according to a company statement. There’s also a self-service component, meaning customers can make their own changes.

"The idea is to give customers more visibility into customer feedback, from across different channels. It's not just about what happens in person or just about what happens online—it's about the end-to-end visibility," Keninger says.

As Medallia moves forward, Keninger expects there to be plenty of innovation that makes use of the technology acquired from Kampyle. Customer journeys and engagements will evolve, and Medallia Digital—which will be available as a stand-alone solution and as part of Medallia's overall platform—will continue to evolve accordingly as well.

Customers that have been using both Medallia and Kampyle technology value its omnichannel approach and didn’t see much of a disconnect between Medallia’s and Kampyle tools even prior to the acquisition. The integrations were "already there," Keninger says.

"Medallia's solution is powerful because it's truly omnichannel. It allows us to be anywhere that our customers are," Timm Degenhardt, chief consumer officer of Sunrise, one of Switzerland's largest telecommunications providers and a Medallia and Kampyle customer, said in a company statement. "We have thousands of customers in our stores, on mobile, on our website, multiple times throughout the day. We need a constant single source of truth to understand them no matter how they are interacting with us. Medallia gives us that global view and the insight we need to improve the customer experience and, ultimately, our business," he added.

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