SAP Integrates Medallia Customer Experience Platform

Medallia, a global customer experience management provider, announced that SAP, an enterprise application software firm, has implemented Medallia's software platform across SAP's business operations, as part of its "SAP Listens" program. This program, powered by Medallia's software, is designed to put customers at the center of everything that SAP does.

Customer experience is rapidly gaining recognition as a critical strategic advantage for companies across industries. SAP needed a solution that would allow it to use customer insights to drive accountability and improvement across its entire business.

"We're excited to be working with SAP to 'wire' its enterprise with customer feedback and operationalize the voice of the customer into its business," said Ken Fine, Medallia's chief customer officer, in a statement. "We look forward to helping SAP drive stronger business results by having real-time analytics and insight into the customer experience across all product lines, geographies and touch points."

SAP will use the Medallia solution to gather feedback from its customers and partners, and to provide SAP employees with closed-loop customer engagement workflows and prioritized improvement actions.

"Our goal is to provide simple, personable and valuable experiences whenever customers engage with SAP," said Philip Morin, global head of customer experience insights, SAP, in a statement. "Through the use of Medallia's software, we have an improved, systematic approach to help ensure we are bringing the voice of the customer into every business decision we make."

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Customer experience management company Medallia acquired customer feedback capturing technology Kampyle earlier this week and rolled it into Medallia Digital—a combined feedback management and data analytics solution. Together, the two solutions will deliver more omnichannel insight into the customer experience because it will take both offline and online data into account.

Posted October 21, 2016