Genesys Partners with Salesforce to Launch CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce

Genesys has expanded its partnership with Salesforce to help businesses bring together their data, agents, bots, and communication channels for end-to-end customer and employee experiences. The companies are introducing a unified artificial intelligence-powered customer experience and relationship management solution that integrates Genesys Cloud CX and Salesforce Service Cloud called CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce.

This joint solution brings enterprise contact center and workforce engagement management capabilities from Genesys Cloud CX to Salesforce Service Cloud. Through bi-directional data sharing, CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce allows organizations to better understand customer interactions, behavior, and history across their journeys.

Salesforce Data Cloud's unified data fabric enables organizations to automatically aggregate real-time data for more contextualized customer conversations and equips self-service bots with knowledge to handle interactions. Businesses also gain deeper analytics and reporting capabilities to action insights and track metrics, such as service levels, handle times, overall customer satisfaction, and more.

With the advanced experience orchestration capabilities of Genesys Cloud CX, businesses can design AI-powered, end-to-end customer journeys fusing data, bots, and channels from both the Genesys and Salesforce platforms and co-create experiences delivered at the optimal time through customers' preferred channels.

With Service Cloud's single, smart workspace and Genesys Cloud CX, customer, journey and interaction histories are backed by Einstein, Salesforce's AI technology, and Genesys AI. Agents and supervisors also benefit from modern WEM capabilities from Genesys embedded directly into the employee activity dashboards in Service Cloud. With an all-in-one interactive view, organizations can manage and empower their workforces using advanced scheduling, performance metrics, coaching, training, gamification, and more.

"To build the experiences customers and employees want today, businesses need to link their data, AI, and systems of engagement across their technology ecosystem. As two leaders in our respective markets, Genesys and Salesforce are strongly positioned to enable joint customers to define the next generation of experience orchestration fueled by enriched insights and AI capabilities resulting from our platforms working in sync," said Olivier Jouve, chief product officer of Genesys, in a statement.

"Many organizations are challenged to efficiently leverage data and AI to meet rising customer expectations and drive long-term loyalty," said Ryan Nichols, senior vice president of Service Cloud product management at Salesforce, in a statement. "The new CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce will empower agents to leverage Einstein AI insights within the flow of work in Service Cloud to deepen customer relationships through personalized interactions, helping to drive repeat business and make positive impacts on their companies' bottom lines."