CallMiner Introduces Eureka Alert

CallMiner has introduced Eureka Alert, a new real-time speech analytics module that brings together AI-powered automated transcription, redaction, and alerting to deliver real-time direction to contact center agents and supervisors with an eye on driving specific outcomes during a call or alerting management to issues.

Alert leverages the Eureka platform’s data processing engine and is an API-based module that can integrate with existing agent desktops, CRM platforms, and other live monitoring applications. It also integrates with Eureka Coach, allowing supervisors to monitor real-time alerts in the Coach interface; and with Erueka Analyze for quick post-contact analysis with AI-powered categorization and scoring of transcribed audio.

One of the main benefits of Alert is improving accuracy and speed to insight. It uses high-quality, speaker-separated audio captured at the source to produce real-time streaming transcriptions with the aim of increasing alerting speed. It also monitors the full stream of transcription and uses contextual memory to evaluate the progression of the call based on user-defined trigger events. For example, at the first indication of customer dissatisfaction, an alert would be triggered reminding the agent of how to address the situation. If the dissatisfaction continues, an email or alert would be sent to a supervisor notifying them of the potential need for intervention in the call.

Alert also offers security benefits—it automatically redacts all audio for PCI compliance by targeting credit card numbers and other sensitive information for removal from the audio and transcription text prior to calls being recorded.

“At the heart of Eureka is delivering a better customer experience—informing agents and informing supervisors in real time as things are occurring and allowing them to take action on that will ultimately allow them to deliver a better customer experience,” says Scott Kendrick, vice president of marketing at CallMiner. “If the particular contact center is either focused on sales or upsales are a core part of what they do, then certainly there’s a massive revenue component and opportunity to this—being able to convert more customers based on real-time guidance on different sales scenarios and upsell offers or responses to competitor mentions will allow those organizations to retain customers more effectively, sell them on new products more effectively, or upsell them on additional products.”

Eureka Alert also enables calls to be handled more effectively and efficiently, Kendrick says, leading to less stalling by agents, who otherwise might be forced to seek out information trapped in a knowledge base or confused about the next step in a procedure or process. “With a real-time system like this, that type of guidance can be fed to them,” he says. “The same applies for the compliance-type scenarios…removing certain risks associated with compliance because agents either haven’t said things that they’re supposed to say [such as] disclaimers, or preventing agents from saying things that they shouldn’t say according to certain regulations.”

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