SupportLogic Launches Agent Coaching and Evaluation (ACE)

SupportLogic today added Agent Coaching and Evaluation (ACE) to SX Elevate, an application module within the SupportLogic SX Platform.

SupportLogic ACE is designed to solve the issues around agent and case quality monitoring. Leveraging SupportLogic's SX platform and driven by artificial intelligence, ACE analyzes 100 percent of cases to find the ideal cases to review and the preferred mix of positive, negative, and neutral interactions to provide real-time coaching. ACE users can build a review rubric or simply allow the platform to select cases.

SupportLogic ACE includes the following:

  • Sample rubrics and a tool for creating and deploying case evaluation rubrics;
  • Auto selection of relevant cases with good, bad and neutral interesting moments to review;>
  • In-line suggestions for coaching inside each case;
  • A streamlined review process wizard; and
  • An agent scorecard to track progress over time.

"One of the biggest barriers to providing useful, consistent feedback and coaching to agents is the inability to manually gather pertinent coaching moments that are buried inside case interactions," said Krishna Raj Raja, founder and CEO of SupportLogic, in a statement. "The beauty of our platform and ACE is that it reads 100 percent of cases, providing a far more robust series of insights about how support engineers are truly performing. This allows managers to stay continuously engaged and offer help and coaching right when it's needed. This leads to not just better performing support teams, but also happier agents and higher employee retention."