Serviceaide Launches Point of Business Mobile App

Serviceaide, a provider of IT and enterprise service management solutions, launched a mobile application for its Point of Business (POB) service management platform. The application also provides integration with virtual agent technology, including Serviceaide's Luma Virtual Agent.

The new application offers access from any web-enabled mobile device, the ability to determine a user's location, and drop-down access to recent support activities, such as cases, activities, and tasks, and support for virtual agent conversations. It also provides offline capabilities, allowing users to update assigned work while offline and once back online, the system automatically updates POB.

"Our new POB mobile app is another breakthrough in improving user experiences, cost-efficiency, and time-to support resolution," said Wai Wong, president and CEO of Serviceaide, in a statement. "This is one more example of our ability and commitment to innovate rapidly after our acquisition of Wendia and its POB platform just two months ago. We intend to quickly extend our existing integration between POB and our Serviceaide Luma Virtual Agent via this new mobile app."

"Many of our customers are excited for this new POB G6 2.0 release. The seamless integration with POB Web will enable more productivity and agility for both support and end users," said Kevin Goertzen, vice president of global solutions at Serviceaide, in the statement.

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Luma 2.5 has been integrated with the POB platform that Serviceaide gained in its Wendia acquisition.

Posted December 15, 2020