Serviceaide Integrates Luma Virtual Agent with its Point of Business Platform

Serviceaide, a provider of intelligent IT and enterprise service management solutions, has integrated its Luma 2.5 virtual agent on the Point of Business (PoB) platform, a suite of service management modules that Serviceaide gained in November with its acquisition of Wendia.

The move adds natural language processing and machine learning to the POB platform to improve user experiences and reduce service costs.

PoB is a highly customizable enterprise service management platform that helps organizations manage and automate  business and service functions. It includes modules for service desk management, configuration, and asset management, purchase, and inventory management, and self-service and automation. PoB includes a central database.

Luma 2.5 is Serviceaide's artificial intelligence-powered virtual agent providing conversational access for end users and support personnel to a wide range of enterprise knowledge assets and automated services. The Luma Digital Labor Product Suite handles service requests, incidents, and user inquiries. 

"The integration of Luma and PoB will provide business and governmental service and support organizations with a world-class suite of solutions to dramatically modernize and advance the efficient delivery of services and knowledge across their enterprises," said Kevin Goertzen, vice president of global solutions at Serviceaide, in a statement. "Our new organization will continue to innovate across the entire Serviceaide product line to help our customers rapidly realize the value of advanced service management."

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Serviceaide's POB mobile app provides support teams access to POB Web Services from any mobile device.

Posted January 27, 2021