Red Box Launches Conversa on Microsoft Azure

Red Box has extended its relationship with Microsoft aligned to the launch of Conversa, Red Box's enterprise voice platform.

Red Box is already a Preferred Telephony Partner for conversation intelligence, part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service. This latest development delivers a capture layer for enterprise voice that combines Conversa audio processing in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft AI, with seamless support of both cloud and premises-based telephony.

The on-premises self-install capability provided by Conversa and powered by Azure Cloud will simplify delivery of real-time voice capture.

"Conversa captures rich, high-quality voice data from every conversation and from across the entire enterprise," said Richard Stevenson, Red Box's CEO, in a statement. "With market-leading, platform-agnostic containerized architecture and free and open APIs, Conversa provides organizations with an easily provisionable, downloadable collector that delivers even easier access to and control of voice data in real time to leverage in conversation intelligence."

"The launch of Conversa as an auto-configurable enterprise voice platform is about creating a frictionless customer experience," said Ray Smith, general manager for Dynamics 365 Sales at Microsoft, in a statement. "The combination of Conversa and Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Sales conversation intelligence will empower organizations to quickly unlock and integrate their existing telephony data into their business applications or workflow, providing real-time actionable insights for intelligent customer engagements."