Noble Releases Harmony v5.1

Noble Systems, a provider of unified contact center technology, has released Noble Harmony 5.1, adding inbound functionality to its Web-based supervisor interface for remote and mobile contact center management. Noble Harmony version 5.1 includes features designed for the Noble Inbound 100 platform.

Noble Harmony 5.1's inbound-focused tools provides remote and mobile access from virtually any Web-enabled device, allowing managers to stay on top of contact center activities, wherever they may be located. Managers can organize workgroups, configure workflows, monitor agent activities and compliance, define alerts to be triggered on specific conditions, analyze results, audit changes, and more.

Key enhancements and features include the following:

  • Inbound service features to manage inbound groups, set up and maintain inbound campaigns, manage message recordings for hold queues and IVR menus, assign skills-based routing skills, and maintain DNIS groups;
  • ACD routing administration, with enhanced controls for creating, editing and managing ACD routes for inbound call flows;
  • SmartAccept, which shrinks the average speed to answer; and
  • SmartRecover, which reduces dropped calls by automatically re-routing calls in the event of a technical issue, such as a network loss).

Noble Harmony 5.1 is a part of Noble's mobile management platform, which works with most major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) to connect contact center managers to their reporting and management data. Due to its flexible architecture and HTML5 design, Harmony 5.1 is accessible on devices that run on the Windows, Android, Linux, MacOS, or iOS operating systems.

"In creating our Noble Inbound 100 offering, we wanted to ensure that we had the most complete solution available from a single vendor. In addition to pulling from the knowledge gained throughout our 26-year history in the contact center market, we worked with our current users to create these newest additions to the Harmony product. With these new tools, we have continued to enhance our already robust web-based manager tools to improve management of inbound programs and to access real-time performance statistics and the ability to manage resources from anywhere, at any time,” said Chris Hodges, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Noble Systems, in a statement.

Noble just released its Harmony v5 platform in February.