NICE Launches Next Generation of Enlighten Copilot

NICE today introduced the next generation of Enlighten Copilot specifically for supervisors and customer experience decision-makers powered by purpose-built artificial intelligence.

NICE Enlighten Copilot is a CX-specific AI copilot delivering real-time analysis of organizations' CX data. Enlighten Copilot for Supervisors joins the portfolio of NICE's AI solutions, including Enlighten Copilot for Agents and Enlighten Actions.

NICE's Enlighten Copilot for Agents enhances agent-assisted interactions, providing relevant content from organizations' knowledge bases to enable Copilot for Agents to deliver behavioral and technical next-best actions. It helps agents by doing the following:

  • Generating real-time, conversational responses.
  • Identifying and recommending custom compliance and upsell opportunities.
  • Enabling seamless handoffs through automated processes and real-time and post-interaction summaries.

Analyzing data and insights from NICE Enlighten Copilot for Agents, Enlighten Copilot for Supervisors gives supervisors an informed, real-time outlook on agents pinpointing exactly where they should focus to maximize their teams' performance. Enlighten Copilot for Supervisors does the following:

  • Delivering a 360-degree view of agent performance in the moment and over time.
  • Pinpointing where supervisors should target their assistance to most effectively coach their agents.
  • Generating real-time alerts with context.

Accessing organizations' CX data from NICE Enlighten Copilot and CXone, NICE Enlighten Actions delivers a conversational interface to generate and respond in the moment. Actions gives CX leaders 100 percent visibility into operations and does the following:

  • Analyzing unstructured data.
  • Integrating with native and third-party applications and data in the CXone suite to automatically initiate workflow and staffing adjustments and automation./li>
  • Generating side-by-side comparison of organizational metrics against industry benchmark data.

"The next-gen NICE Enlighten Copilot is the industry's leading AI-powered employee assist purpose-built for CX. Built from thousands of models trained on CX-specific interactions, NICE Enlighten Copilot amplifies skilled labor, automating repetitive tasks and delivering faster access to knowledge. In combination with NICE Enlighten Actions, CX leaders can increase decision velocity and realize business goals faster, streamlining operations and ultimately driving exceptional customer experience," said Barry Cooper, president of the CX Division at NICE, in a statement.