LiveWorld Launches Chatbots Management Tool

LiveWorld has launched chatbot management tools for Facebook Messenger to help companies optimize interactions with customers by enabling chatbots to automatically handoff to live human agents when needed and with contextual relevance.

Companies can now conduct one-on-one conversations with customers in real time across marketing and customer service, with integration support for CRM and help desk applications.

The LiveWorld platform also offers tools to track, escalate, engage, and manage chatbot and brand interactions. The solution offers brands and developers an open API to integrate their chatbots with the platform.

"This new solution makes chatbots practical and effective for brands," said Peter Friedman, LiveWorld's chairman and CEO, in a statement. "Chatbots enable customers to interact with brands but often leave consumers wanting more personalized communication. Our software fills in this critical missing piece by seamlessly integrating the chatbot and live human agent experience."

The LiveWorld software includes the following:

  • Chatbot team collaboration framework: LiveWorld's human-assisted chatbot engagement maximizes the efficiency of chatbots with the empathy and talents of human agents via seamless, bi-directional conversation transfer capabilities. The platform provides organizations with instant visibility into whether the chatbot or human agent is maintaining the conversation.
  • Conversation tracking and resolution management: With the ability to access customer profiles and conversation histories, companies can assign, resolve, and deliver more personalized customer engagement. LiveWorld’s intelligent solution tracks the conversation status to ensure companies can identify and prioritize high-opportunity and high-risk conversations for immediate communication.
  • Customer profile development and CRM platform integration: Companies obtain a better understanding of their consumers through comprehensive customer profiles, which captures all previous conversations, social media activity, and internal company notes. Integration with Salesforce software equips agents with instant access to CRM customer profiles, which are systematically updated with each social engagement.
  • Open API: Enables companies to integrate their chatbots with the LiveWorld platform framework.
  • Integrated multichannel support: Full conversation management software for multiple channels, including Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Jive, and custom apps and web sites.

"This software fundamentally integrates bots as agents to allow for interactive and proactive bot-human collaboration," said Frank Chevallier, LiveWorld's vice president of software products, in a statement. "Our vision for bot/human agent collaboration goes beyond smart handoffs to include communication of user context data and controls. Chatbots can make smarter on-the-fly decisions."

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