LiveWorld's Newest Platform Blends Bots and Humans

LiveWorld today launched its customer service automation suite, a social, mobile, and messaging conversation management platform for service and support. This new feature set allows companies to offer dynamic and personalized customer experiences by increasing the efficiency and productivity of customer service organizations.

LiveWorld's platform delivers first-line customer engagement through intelligent automation, enabling businesses to set customized rules for auto-responses, auto-scheduling, and chatbots. Rules can be set based on messaging channels, conversation topics, sentiment, customer profile, language, and more. More complex issues are immediately passed to the appropriate team or agent. With full conversation history and customer information, agents can then respond and resolve issues quickly and effectively. The software also provides seamless bi-directional transitions between chatbots and humans.

"Many brands experiment with hastily produced, laissez-faire bots that have backfired, leading to frustrated customers," said Peter Friedman, chairman and CEO of LiveWorld, in a statement. "The best customer service combines thoughtful, smart automation with human agents to better communicate with consumers."

LiveWorld’s feature set includes the following:

  • Smart Triage - Offers automatic tagging, prioritization, routing, and notification of high-priority customer service requests;
  • Chatbot Integration - Enables first responder bots to collaborate with agents as digital assistants to answer routine tasks, while also directing more complex requests to agents, automatically or upon customer request;
  • Integrated Customer Profile - Provides full conversational history, CRM integration, and automatic segmentation for more personalized and accurate responses;
  • Intelligent Responses - Offers access to a library of dynamic customer responses and a customized set of rules for delivery based on customer status, time since last response, segment, or keyword;
  • Auto-Distribution Workload Management - Implements an even workload among team members through inbound request balancing or round-robin team assignments;
  • Automation Rules - Customizes scheduling for auto re-engagement, satisfaction surveys, conversation conclusions, and more;
  • Conversational Engagement - Provides a view of topic popularity, sentiment, and performance of customized content categories;
  • Resolution Metrics - Measures time-to-resolution, first response time, and conversation resolution trends to gauge customer satisfaction; and
  • Performance Measurement - Evaluates the performance of the customer service team with metrics, such as first response and resolution time.

"We empower customer service teams to positively address more customers faster, effectively reducing time and costs," said Frank Chevallier, LiveWorld's vice president of software pProducts, in a statement. "Our hybrid chatbot/human solution lowers the resolution time for inquiries by more than 50 percent."

LiveWorld supports all of the leading social and messaging channels, including Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, WeChat, Telegram, Skype, Kik, LINE, Viber, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, SMS, and web chat.

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