Jacada and Vocantas Release Visual IVR for Students

Jacada and Vocantas have announced that Visual IVR capabilities are now available with Vocantas’ Scaller solution for colleges and universities.

Schools can take advantage of the Scaller student outreach solution now available as a graphic menu on a mobile device. Vocantas' existing Scaller customers can immediately take advantage of this visual self-serve experience that is quick to deploy, and is easy to use. The Scaller IVR is now available for any smartphone platform and Web site, with the addition of Jacada’s technologies into the Vocantas platform.

Using a human voice, Scaller asks students a series of interactive questions that can show where a student is struggling. Based on this information the school can follow up with students on an individual basic and provides them with support services.

“A Visual IVR solution, when paired with Vocantas’s Scaller, is a great way for universities to stand out in terms of servicing their students as it enables students to connect with the university on the go,” said Guy Yair, Jacada co-CEO, in a statement. “Visual menus on their smartphones that are easy to navigate anytime and anywhere enrich the popularity of the Scaller student outreach solution.”