Indosoft Previews Q-Suite 6

In the same week that it launched Q-Suite 5.12, Indosoft previewed Q-Suite 6, its next-generation call center suite that features a complete overhaul of its application programming interface (API).

Q-Suite 6 represents a ground-up re-engineering of the call center software. The APIs were modernized and a RESTful architecture, along with modern technologies such as Websockets and JSON, make it easier to integrate Q-Suite with third-party applications.

"Developers want a consistent API to use whether they're building a report or a fully-featured agent interface," said Indosoft CEO Gabe Bourque in a statement. "Whether the communication is a phone call, email, or Web chat, integrators need to be able to treat it the same. Q-Suite 6 allows them to do this."