Indosoft Releases Q-Suite 5.12

Indosoft has released Q-Suite 5.12, an updated version of its cloud contact center software that offers simplified options for service and server management for agent Web servers and telephony servers.

Web servers can now be brought up and down when needed. Agent session data is distributed across the system so other servers can take over when needed. Telephony servers can also be marked as active or inactive from the admin screens. Inactive servers will no longer receive new calls. Once the last call is over, the server can be shut down. Bringing a server up and marking it as active allows it to start handling calls again.

Each telephony server can now handle more calls, even with the most complex interactive voice response systems. The move to FastAGI technology allows some of the performance bottleneck to be moved off the PBX servers.

"The Cloud paradigm was supposed to make technology easier to deploy while managing costs. Unfortunately, it can be hard to manage costs," said Indosoft CEO Gabe Bourque in a statement. "By focusing on the services themselves, we allow clients to manage their resources sensibly."

Indosoft just released version 5.11 at the end of February.