Five9 Launches AI Integration with Salesforce

Five9, a customer experience platforms provider, today announced an expanded relationship with Salesforce for delivering artificial intelligence-powered solutions to improve customer experiences in the contact center.

The latest release of Five9 for Service Cloud Voice with Partner Telephony combines Salesforce Einstein with Five9's suite of AI solutions to help agents respond to customer requests and improve contact center management's understanding of the overall health of operations.

Using Five9's open APIs and Five9 TranscriptStream, the Einstein AI engine identifies opportunities to empower agents with real-time solutions, prompting next-best action agent guidance. The solution can also generate real-time transcription of customer conversations, vet call recordings for accuracy and relevance to other customer touchpoints, and integrate with Salesforce Einstein Conversation Insights.

"Five9 understands the power of elevating the customer experience through innovative technology and seamless integrations," said Dan Burkland, president of Five9, in a statement. "Our collaboration with Salesforce pushes the boundaries of what is possible. Infusing Einstein&'s AI insights into the contact center and CRM eliminates repetitive tasks while also guiding agents with the next-best actions they know will help them be more effective."

"Five9's deeper integration with Salesforce Einstein offers a new level of choice for customers who are looking for AI capabilities that best match their contact center needs and existing technology investments," said Sheila McGee-Smith, president and principal analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics, in a statement. "When coupled with features like Five9 TranscriptStream, also being announced today, organizations can dramatically reduce an agent's workload while improving the customer's overall experience. This next step in the Salesforce-Five9 relationship shows the commitment each company has to its sizable joint customer base to easily take advantage of the latest AI innovations."

"Service Cloud Voice with Five9 uses AI to deliver a better customer experience," said Ryan Nichols, chief product officer for Service Cloud at Salesforce, in a statement. "Our collaboration is focused on more than a single pane of glass; we're bringing together customer data, knowledge, and now real-time conversation transcripts to ground AI to help make agents more productive and delight your customers."