Banking Up Taps Analytics Provider Enacomm

Banking Up, a personal finance platform that lets banks and businesses provide customers with a smart, mobile alternative to traditional checking accounts, has enlisted the help of Enacomm, a provider of voice processing infrastructure, applications and services that optimize customer call interactions to deploy a hosted, self-service IVR solution.

"When our customers call the phone number on the back of their payment card, their level of financial anxiety is usually pretty high; we want to guide them quickly to the right answer and make sure that they finish the call reassured," said Patrice Peyret, CEO, Banking Up, in a statement. "Enacomm's technology and support allows us to design the call flows we need, monitor their effectiveness, and make changes rapidly when necessary."

Enacomm's analytics software allows Banking Up's internal database to be utilized to create intelligent interactions, optimizing the customer call experience. With the Enacomm solution, Banking Up will employ an adaptive decisioning engine driven by real-time access to customer data to engage patrons with unique, personalized exchanges.

"Personalized content in the IVR makes channel containment more effective, often eliminating the need to connect with an agent," said Enacomm founder and CEO Michael Boukadakis, in a statement. "Contacts handled with automation are as little as a tenth of the cost of agent-handled calls."