Automation Anywhere Launches Contact Center Solution

Automation Anywhere today introduced Automation Anywhere for Contact Centers, a cloud-native, artificial intelligence-driven automation solution for contact centers powered by Genesys and Google.

Automation Anywhere for Contact Centers helps agents find, retrieve, and update information and execute client transactions. It is built on top of the Automation 360 cloud-native robotic process automation platform and includes AARI, a no-code interface that allows business users to automate tasks and interactions across multiple systems.

With AARI, a personal robotic assistant offering a single pane of glass for all automations, the solution can scale to support thousands of live or virtual agents and offers additional features that do the following:

  • Simplify live agent experiences: Automation 360 automates connections across multiple systems of record, including CRM, customer interactions, payment history, and authentications, to provide the agent with a complete view of the customer. AARI enables back-end automation to speed workflows, update records, and escalations.
  • Speed virtual agents' response time with complete data: Intelligent automation collects data from systems to speed virtual agents' responses to customer questions, addresses more complex inquiries accurately, and provides AI-recommended next-best actions. Virtual agents can go beyond simply answering questions to resolving end-to-end customer cases without human agent intervention.

"The last thing today's leading brands want to do is ask a customer to hold please, while service teams scramble to find account details, order history, or other information they need to quickly solve a customer problem," said Mike Micucci, chief operating officer of Automation Anywhere, in a statement. "Our cloud-native automation platform works with all contact center platforms to connect data and automate manual processes, empowering agents to solve problems faster."

Companies that have already deployed Automation Anywhere for Contact Centers reportedly reduced customer response times and average handling times while increasing agent case capacity and enhancing customer experiences.

"Using Automation Anywhere to automate our contact center operations has allowed us to improve our average customer call handling times with superior data accuracy, and increase our transactions," said Manish Pandya, senior vice president of digital transformation at TaskUs, in a statement. "By automating account verification, case summary notes, next-step guidance, and post-call follow-up, we've improved the customer experience."

"Next-generation call centers need to support the scale of customer-facing operations while preserving the sense of personal touch and quality communications," said Amit Zavery, vice president and head of platform at Google Cloud, in a statement. "Through our partnership with Automation Anywhere and integration with Apigee we enable virtual agents to hold intelligent customer conversations that are informed by data gathered in the background from multiple processes and systems."