Alvaria Launches Real Time Optimizer

Alvaria, a provider of customer experience and workforce engagement management solutions, has launched Alvaria Real Time Optimizer as part of the Alvaria Workforce Engagement Management Suite to enhance the contact center agent experience.

By functioning as a real-time virtual agent assistant, Alvaria Real Time Optimizer completes activities that positively impact key performance metrics, including the following

  • Automatically monitors agent idle time and delivers training, coaching, and off-phone tasks when service levels can best accommodate;
  • Delivers surprise breaks, wellness breaks etc.;
  • Automatically finds the right time to connect agents with supervisors to ensure individual coaching is completed; and
  • Consistently prompts agents with a helping hand when they go beyond thresholds for talk, hold, or after-call work times.

"In today's world, organizations must stay abreast of the latest innovations to maintain competitiveness and profitability. Without an investment into advanced AI technologies, companies will be left behind. The introduction of Alvaria Real Time Optimizer is part of our commitment to providing world-class solutions to the enterprise market, with improved employee experience and creating a more efficient process for the call center," said Michael Harris, Alvaria's chief product officer and chief marketing officer, in a statement.

Alvaria Real Time Optimizer was built with Intradiem, a provider of agent optimization technology.

"Contact centers are looking for technical innovations to help them improve and optimize the experience of customers and agents," said Donna Fluss, president of DMG Consulting, in a statement. "This product is designed to help contact centers find and re-allocate agent down-time so that it can be used productively. It empowers companies to respond on a timely basis to the natural dynamics of contact centers, giving them a strategic advantage."