Noble Systems Offers Contact Center Remote

Noble Systems, a provider of omnichannel contact center technology, is helping companies maintain business continuity during the COVID-19 crisis through Noble Contact Center Remote, helping companies move their contact centers to remote and work-from-home environments in as little as two days.

Noble Contact Center Remote includes Noble's cloud contact center technologies, with automatic call distributor, interactive voice response, and interaction recording solutions. Noble Gamification can help keep employees engaged and connected, even though they are physically separated.

"The current pandemic has had a profound impact on business around the world, causing organizations to have to quickly adjust, adopt new practices, and find different ways to get the job done while still providing a positive customer experience," said Chris Hodges, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Noble, in a statement. "Noble's Cloud Contact Center is designed to give companies exactly the type of flexibility they need to respond to these new challenges, and our service-level reliability is unmatched in the industry. Adding the power of Gamification to keep your team connected even when they are far apart can help companies make the transition easier, helping employees stay engaged and productive in the midst of a distracting time."