Noble Systems Introduces Noble Gamification 2.0

Noble Systems, a provider of omnichannel contact center technology, has released Noble Gamification 2.0, with new mobile functionality.

Noble Gamification is a unified employee engagement platform designed to increase agent productivity and reduce attrition in call centers. Noble leverages game mechanics across the employee generational spectrum to ultimately align the company's objectives with its employees' activities. The product creates equity and normalizes key performance indicators across disparate groups and campaigns and includes built-in redemption tools to quickly deliver rewards.

One of the highlights in the new version is Noble's Gamification Mobile application. The mobile application allows players to see their goals and achievements from anywhere, see what other players are doing, and open new challenges, view rewards, and update their profiles. Players get push notifications when they win and can redeem prizes in off-hours, so they can maintain productivity while they are at work. Additional features include the new Bling Bazaar for non-monetary rewards, enhanced reward management tools with store and pricing tools to normalize the economy and location-based rewards, and upgraded security settings.

"Our introduction of Noble Gamification in early 2018 sparked a wide interest from the marketplace, as well as from existing Noble users. More companies are placing an increased operational focus on employee engagement, and our gamification offering appeals to today's millennial and Generation Z employee teams. We use both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation factors to promote and reinforce desired behaviors and gain greater buy-in. Companies are seeing multi-fold benefits across all levels of the organization, including increased productivity, decreased employee turnover, higher profits, reduced training costs, improved employee morale, and accelerated learning," said Chris Hodges, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Noble Systems, in a statement.