Noble Collects 150th Contact Center Technology Patent

Noble Systems, a provider of omnichannel contact center technology, has received its 150th U.S. patent.

"Investing in the best research and design in the business leads to the development of superior products. Noble Systems has made protecting our innovations and intellectual property a key focus of our business. Our IP Innovations Program helps us identify new technologies and recognizes team members' collaboration to find creative new solutions to industry challenges," said Jim Noble, president and CEO of Noble Systems, in a statement. "Through these efforts, our IP portfolio is growing significantly. Just a little over a year ago, we announced our 100th patent. Almost a quarter of our employees have their names on patents for Noble technologies. We believe this commitment to securing our solutions for the future is a key differentiator for our clients."

So far in 2017, Noble has received more than 30 patents and is on track to post a record year for new filings and patents issued. Some of Noble's most recent patents are related to improving dialing efficiencies, campaign planning, inbound management, and analytics. They include the following:

  • "Addressing Trunk-Related Resource Deficiencies for a Predictive Dialer Using a Dynamic Pacing Algorithm" (9,813,559);
  • "Best Time to Call Parties Having Multiple Contacts" (9,736,303);
  • "Utilizing Predictive Models to Improve Predictive Dialer Pacing Capabilities" (9,723,144);
  • "Variable Length Protocol Using Serialized Payload with Compression Support" (9,723,091); and
  • "Pacing Outbound Communications that Generate Inbound Communications" (9,692,893).