LogMeIn Adds Voice and Video to Rescue Live Guide

LogMeIn has incorporated two-way video and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calling capabilities to its Rescue Live Guide co-browse functionality.

The addition of video and voice capabilities to Live Guide means business owners can deploy more robust, tailored, virtual support to guide their customers through products and services from virtually anywhere in real time.

By incorporating two-way video and voice capabilities into Rescue Live Guide, LogMeIn is coupling?digital collaboration via co-browse with voice and video support.

"Delivering voice and two-way video co-browsing capabilities elevates the already powerful experience businesses have been providing with Rescue Live Guide," said Dave Campbell, vice president of products at LogMeIn, in a statement. "Customers have been gravitating toward more in-depth virtual interactions with support and sales teams, and the COVID-19 crisis has only accelerated this trend. Companies are under pressure to enable virtual experiences for customers, and the scope of these experiences?is?deepening,?so the propensity for virtual interactions is likely to continue, even after the crisis ends.

"This enhancement to Rescue Live Guide addresses many requests we have received to couple co-browse with video chat, creating a true show-and-tell experience. The new feature will improve Live Guide's usability as companies and their employees are working and interacting remotely and enable them to engage more effectively from anywhere, while providing a more personalized interaction," Campbell said.