Intercom Launches SMS, Custom Actions, and Custom Objects

Intercom today launched Intercom SMS, a two-way text messaging tool for sales, marketing, and support teams, and Custom Actions and Custom Objects, two no-code platform features that let businesses design personalized, self-serve support experiences in minutes.

Intercom SMS can be used alongside Intercom's omnichannel offering to build complete customer journeys. Customer support reps can respond to SMS messages within the Intercom Inbox and send targeted and personalized outbound SMS messages at scale. Because Intercom SMS is built natively into Intercom's all-in-one Experience OS platform, which captures and stores customer and event data, businesses also get automatic access to deeply integrated SMS targeting, orchestration, message personalization, optimizations, robust reporting, and more.

"Using Intercom SMS, we've seen higher engagement on our SMS messages and completion rates by our customers, as well as significant time savings for our team," said Daniel Leung, head of product and strategic growth at Curex, in a statement. "Our patients prefer SMS, but setting it up, tracking conversations, and responding used to be a very manual process. Intercom SMS has made it easier for everyone, both our internal team and patients alike, helping us make the patient experience seamless."

Custom Actions manages the connection between Intercom and external data sources, while Custom Objects helps businesses store, organize and use external data within Intercom. The features connect Intercom's Custom Bots and Resolution Bot with first-party data from external sources; present customers with real-time information, like order status or payment details, during conversations; and let customers take actions, like updating their contact information or canceling bookings.

"Intercom exists to help businesses provide better experiences for their customers," said Jane Honey, senior product director at Intercom, in a statement. "These new features help businesses make the most out of every opportunity they have to connect with a customer, whether it's building stronger customer relationships through two-way conversations or leveraging automation for faster and better experiences for both their support teams and customers."