Indosoft Releases Q-Suite 5.13

Indosoft has launched Q-Suite 5.13, the latest version of its contact center automatic call distribution software with several features to reduce the workload of setup and administration.

Q-Suite 5.13 adds centralized management of some common tasks and adds efficiency to others. Configuration happens once and changes are applied as needed. Q-Suite 5.13 now provides one place to assign agent scripts to campaigns and queues. Administrators can make new scripts and assign them to several campaigns. Copying commonly used templates for transfers or Web services is now possible. Other centralized tasks that were improved were editing of script page conditions and flushing all leads for a tenant. Users can also apply new dialing rules or load new leads.

"Call center administrators have enough to do without making tedious configuration changes" said Indosoft CEO Gabe Bourque in a statement. "Q-Suite 5.13 is designed to make hard things manageable and easy things even easier."

This latest release comes less just several weeks after Indosoft released Q-Suite version 5.12.