Indosoft Launches Q-Suite 5.12

Indosoft has added post-call triggers to its Q-Suite contact center software suite. Users of Q-Suite 5.12 can now send automated email and SMS messages upon completion of the call. This can automatically send confirmation to clients after agents have finished with the contact.

Q-Suite has included a post-call URL process. It sends data to a Web service once agents have dispositioned calls through their agent screens. It is configurable through the agent script builder. Data can then be sent to third-party systems.

With Q-Suite 5.12, this interaction can be configured directly via the administrative interface. SMS messages can be sent to phone numbers collected during calls. Email messages can be sent to email addresses belonging to clients. With both email and SMS, messages can also be sent to a single destination, every time.

"Unified communications are improving the way contact centers interact with clients" said Indosoft CEO Gabe Bourque in a statement. "Allowing call centers to send automatic messages post-call gives them more options for confirming call details with clients and providing them with a record of the results."