Helpshift Unveils SensAI, Designed Specifically for Customer Service

Helpshift today released SensAI, an artificial intelligence-based application for customer service to automate the support process.

"Our technology stands in stark contrast to the over-hyped and under-delivering AI and bots on the market today," said Linda Crawford, CEO of Helpshift, in a statement. "Customers expect instant, personalized, in-channel support, and brands must be able to deliver it at scale. Helpshift's chatbots and AI have been thoughtfully developed for carefully tailored use cases that will meet those needs by simultaneously improving the customer experience and boosting operational efficiency."

SensAI uses AI to automate the customer service experience and deliver highly personalized messaging-based support to their customers at scale.

SensAI has the following components:

  • SensAI bots, which allow companies to automate simple customer service interactions;
  • Real-time classification and routing, which automatically classifies issues and routes them accordingly; and
  • Instant actionable insights, which can proactively address support issues, such as impending stock shortages or defects, before they occur and mitigate or eliminate the business impacts.

"Organizations have historically encountered a tough trade-off by having to choose between increased scale and customer satisfaction," said Abinash Tripathy, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Helpshift, in a statement. "Expensive channels like the phone were good for high-value interactions but didn’t scale and were too costly for simple, repetitive issues. Knowledge portals, on the other hand, were low-cost, mass-usage channels, but they led to customer frustration and churn. The advent of chat and messaging combined with AI has fundamentally changed all of this. Messaging, AI, and bots now allow organizations to dramatically improve customer satisfaction while lowering costs and accommodating massive scale, all at the same time."