Freshdesk Partners with Rolo to Create Rolodesk

Freshdesk, a provider of cloud-based customer engagement software, has partnered with Rolo, provider of a contact management and communication app, to create Rolodesk, a mobile-first customer support solution for startups and small to midsized businesses.

Rolodesk will help SMBs and startups provide Freshdesk support without leaving the dialer on their mobile phones. Rolodesk also introduces Roloscope, which can give agents a complete history of the customer to whom they are speaking at the touch of a button.

"SMBs and startups rely on extraordinary customer support to differentiate themselves. Knowing why a customer is calling before answering a call can dramatically improve customer satisfaction, thereby offering a real competitive advantage," said Murali Rangarajan, co-founder and chief technology officer of Rolo, in a statement.

"Owners and founders in SMBs and startups do everything, from sales to customer support. The Freshdesk-Rolo integration will eliminate the need to learn another software by bringing Freshdesk to the dialer. With Rolodesk, SMBs can differentiate themselves in a competitive landscape by providing world-class Freshdesk support," said Ganesh Ram Natarajan, senior director of marketplace at Freshdesk, in a statement.

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Posted March 09, 2018