Enacomm Partners with ConnexiCore

Enacomm, a provider of intelligent interactions and customer authentication technologies for banks, credit unions, and credit card companies, has inked a partnership with ConnexiCore, a technology consultancy that advises financial institutions. Through a reseller agreement, ConnexiCore will introduce its bank and credit union clients to VPA (Virtual Personal Assistant) banking and the Enacomm Financial Suite (EFS), which includes a hosted, dynamic interactive voice response (IVR) system for personalized customer interactions.

"ConnexiCore's advisory group is made up of some of the financial industry's top experts on the technologies of today and tomorrow," said Enacomm CEO Michael Boukadakis in a statement. "We're excited that ConnexiCore recognizes the value and differentiators of Enacomm's next-generation solutions and will be helping to get these revolutionary technologies into the hands of additional banks and credit unions.";

Harnessing artificial intelligence and Enacomm's hosted systems, a properly authenticated user can conduct secure bank transactions and gain virtually full access to their financial accounts with the sound of their voice.

The Enacomm Financial Suite provides a range of software tools, from voice biometrics to customer relationship management (CRM), as well as added levels of security. Its IVR solution uses customer intelligence to direct calls, personalization to help retain customers, and context preservation to provide self-service.

"Teaming up with Enacomm is a logical move for ConnexiCore because we aim to bring our clients the best technology solutions available to solve the toughest business challenges and stay ahead of the competition," said Frank Segarra III, president and founder of Connexicore, in a statement. "We're happy to be part of Enacomm's expanded strategy to further transform the consumer experience of a greater number of bank customers and credit union members."

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