Cyara Launches Botium Update for Testing Chatbots

Cyara, provider of the Automated Customer Experience (CX) Assurance Platform, today unveiled chatbot testing features with the latest release of Cyara Botium. The release comes just weeks after Cyara's acquisition of Botium.

With Cyara Botium, companies can improve and continuously test the customer chatbot experience across all channels and platforms in all phases of chatbot development. Cyara Botium also addresses the rise in chatbot data breaches by improving general chatbot security, ensuring compliance with Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) security standards.

Cyara Botium offers the following features:

  • AI-Powered Data & Test Generation, built on the natural language model that enables organizations to create relevant examples of intents and utterances to train and test their chatbots and save AI-generated topics as new intents.
  • Extended Performance Testing with increased capacity of parallel test executions so that chatbot development teams can stress test by simulating very high volumes of interactions.
  • Interactive Voice Response(IVR) Channel and Voice Testing, generating calls that mimic real-time customer interactions and ensuring voicebots perform well in all environments, including mobile devices and browsers. Both of these new features ensure problems are unearthed well before they occur in production.
  • Multilanguage General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) testing for compliance with European Union (EU) security protocols.
  • Customizable reporting templates.
  • Single sign-on user authentication.

"It's without question that chatbots are delivering benefits to businesses, but it's imperative that organizations also realize that negative chatbot experiences can lead to chatbots hurting the business more than they help," said Christoph Börner, senior director of digital at Cyara, in a statement. "Cyara Botium has already been a prominent market leader in testing conversational AI and is well ahead of the market needs. The innovative features introduced in this release reinforce our leadership, setting us even further ahead of any competition."