Coveo Launches Personalized Agent Full Search and Slack Connector

Coveo today launched Personalized Agent Full Search and a Slack connector built on the latest technology from Salesforce and Coveo.

Personalized Agent Full Search is a customized search page that adapts to each agent, provides a powerful full search experience with advanced facets and personalization capabilities. Agents can view all of their recent searches and recently opened documents and save their own facets and filters. It was built with Coveo's new UI library, called Quantic, which leverages the Coveo Headless UI framework and Salesforce's Lightning Web Components (LWC).

With the Slack Connector, agents now have access to search Slack conversations directly within Salesforce. This connector includes hybrid indexing and a rich dataset that opens new relevance capabilities, and agents can choose which users or channels to index.

"We regularly connect with our customers to get a better understanding of what technology would help make their employees' jobs easier," said Sawan Deshpande, general manager of Service and Workplace at Coveo, in a statement. "The resounding consensus was that customer service agents crave the ability to personalize the full search experience for their own specific needs.

"Coveo's new Personalized Agent Full Search and Slack connector make it easier to connect with just the right people and information at just the right time to help resolve cases faster and increase customer loyalty," Deshpande added.

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Coveo's new capabilities provide increased visibility into the customer journey.

Posted May 12, 2022