Confirmit Releases Version 20 of Horizons Platform

Confirmit has launched Version 20 of Confirmit Horizons, which now includes a range of advanced features that add enterprise-level mobility and flexibility.

Confirmit Horizons now enables organizations to harness a range of mobile-optimized capabilities to help them view and act on feedback. Key among these are mobile optimization for Action Management and Active Dashboards. In addition, business users have mobile-optimized access to Confirmit Horizons directly from the home screens of their mobile devices, including access to responsive-designed dashboards, reports, and custom action planning built in Reportal.

Feedback capture is also fully optimized for mobile working. The Confirmit Horizons face-to-face interviewing module (Confirmit CAPI) has been enhanced to work seamlessly, both online and offline, across Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Confirmit Panel App helps users leverage location tracking to understand key customer behaviors and selectively trigger surveys for in-the-moment feedback.

Version 20 also includes the following:

  • Faster creation of surveys;
  • Greater productivity for telephone interviewing (CATI) programs with new assignment and monitoring features;
  • Easier building, reuse, and sharing of feedback reports;
  • More flexible mapping and labelling of data fields in Confirmit SmartHub; and
  • Improved collaboration and communication with greater capabilities to share reports and insight across organizations via any devices.

Confirmit Horizons Version 20 further enables companies to operate multichannel, multilingual insight programs. Discovery Analytics empowers professionals to uncover deeper insights, while Hierarchy Management provides nterfaces for building and maintaining highly complex matrix organizational structures.

"Organizations and individuals are increasingly reliant on digital and mobile technologies to access all kinds of business information, and customer feedback is no different. What's more, [customer experience] and [market research] professionals are being challenged to work and report faster than ever, delivering nuggets of insight for quick business action," said Terry Lawlor, executive vice president of product management at Confirmit, in a statement. "This means that wherever they are, decision makers need to make sense of the data they gather as quickly and easily as possible. Offering access to data collected from multiple channels, in a visually engaging, easily digestible, and quick-to-share format is therefore essential. Confirmit Horizons Version 20 does exactly this, enabling organizations to continue to advance their offerings and react quickly to the changing needs of the markets and customers they serve."

Confirmit realeased Version 19 of Hoirizons in September 2015.