Ada Secures Funding to Increase Automation

Ada, a provider of automated customer service, has raised roughly $14 million in Series A funding, which will enable it to expand into new markets and verticals, including travel and financial services. Ada will also use the funding for ongoing feature enhancements to its platform to provide a deeper level of personalization and customization; and to provide clients with education and guidance to build, train, and manage Automated Customer Service (ACX) departments. The company also plans to double the size of its team in 2019.

Ada provides AI and chatbot capabilities to automate interactions with customers. Since the company was founded in 2016, Ada has enabled businesses to automate up to 70 percent of their customer interactions and saved millions of dollars for companies like TELUS, Coinbase, and UpWork. More than 30 million customers worldwide have been helped through Ada-powered automation.

"This funding is a testament to the results we've seen with our platform," said Mike Murchison, CEO and co-founder of Ada, in a statement. "With backing from such a diverse group of global and local investors, we can continue transforming the customer experience for businesses and their customers around the world."

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The new feature provides seamless customer handoffs from Ada's chatbot to live chat platform partners including Zendesk, Salesforce, and Nuance.

Posted June 20, 2019