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Drive Results With AI-Powered CX Lower Costs, Boost Revenue, And Create Happy Customers


New Aberdeen report: Drive Results with AI-Powered CX

Today’s contact center is more complex than their counterpart from even ten years ago due to the rise of digital channels. However, CX leaders have never had as many tools in their toolbox to step up to the challenge—and deliver superior business results. Companies that use AI and automation are enjoying returns above those companies that don’t.

This Aberdeen research report surveyed firms across all industries and sizes to measure just how much AI and automation have supercharged their digital transformation. Survey results show big payoffs for those that have invested in AI, and they have plans to invest more into it.

Uncover how AI and automation boost key CX metrics:

  • Understanding and leveraging customer behavioral and sentiment data increases customer satisfaction
  • Greater efficiency in employee scheduling and greater productivity with real-time agent guidance decreases customer service costs
  • Identifying and automating repetitive tasks prone to error improves operational efficiency
  • Consistent, hyper-personalized interactions and content boosts sales and marketing metrics

See the clear impact of AI. Access the report.

Forrester Generative AI Essentials for CX Leaders


Answering CX Pros’ Top Questions on Gen AI

Exploring Generative AI to enhance your customer experience but not sure where to start? Elevate your CX strategy with insights from Forrester's GenAI report, Generative AI Essentials for CX Leaders, addressing the top 8 questions from CX pros’ on the transformative impact of GenAI on CX.

Key Insights You'll Gain:

  • Understand GenAI fundamentals and applications.
  • Mitigate CX risks with strategic insights.
  • Learn how to leverage GenAI for enhanced customer experiences.

Transform your CX landscape with knowledge.

Designing Your AI-Ready Business


Unlock your business's AI potential with these essential steps.

Explore the vital pillars for AI readiness in your organization. Get ready to harness the power of AI for unparalleled growth and customer satisfaction.

AI Readiness: Your key to unprecedented business success.

•     Master the art of cloud infrastructure for seamless AI integration
•     Leverage the power of data to drive informed decision-making
•     Create a unified tech stack for a streamlined digital transformation
•     Gain organizational buy-in to ensure AI success and long-term sustainability.

Get ready to elevate your business with AI today!

Not All AI Copilots Are Created Equal


Customer service employees are overworked. And consumer expectations are at an all-time high but 74% of agents say they have to use 3-8 apps to access customer information. Agents need help. Our whitepaper breaks down why Enlighten Copilot is the only AI for CX employee solution you will need.

 -Empowered agents: Enlighten Copilot enhances agent performance with real-time summaries and expert answers, ensuring personalized and efficient customer interactions.
 -Strategic supervision: AI-driven monitoring and coaching empower supervisors, fostering a responsive contact center environment.
 -Overall impact: The platform delivers tangible advantages, improving employee experience, driving operational efficiency, and elevating customer satisfaction.
 -Cutting-edge innovation: Built on world-class AI models, Enlighten Copilot ensures robust performance and keeps your organization at the forefront of AI innovation.
 -Trusted excellence: With seamless data integration and consistently relevant AI-generated answers, Enlighten Copilot is the trusted choice for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Read the white paper

The State of AI in the Contact Center


Join the 75% of contact centers investing in AI this year

How AI is used in the contact center is changing at an incredible speed. ICMI recently surveyed the contact center community in the executive report, “The State of AI in the Contact Center,” to provide a snapshot in time as AI-powered contact center tools emerge from their early, experimental status and take an increasingly central role across all areas of contact center operations.

Get exclusive data that addresses critical topics such as:

  • The primary areas of concern regarding AI in the contact center
  • The top CX initiatives contact center leaders hope to address using AI
  • The kind of AI investments being made by contact center leaders
  • The challenges contact centers face in uncovering data insights

Maintain your competitive ground with purpose-built AI for CX

CX Innovation at Scale: Maximize Business Success by Using AI to Futureproof Your CX Activities


Want 3x improvement in customer retention? AI is the key

AI plays a crucial role in driving innovation in customer experience (CX), acting as a catalyst for companies’ operational consistency and excellence. By harnessing these capabilities, business leaders can delve into extensive sets of real-time and historical data to uncover trends, perform root cause analysis, and predict future events.

In this Aberdeen report, “CX Innovation at Scale: Maximize Business Success by Using AI to Futureproof Your CX Activities,” research shows that companies using AI to support innovation are achieving a 3x greater increase customer satisfaction rates. These organizations also enjoy a 5x greater improvement (i.e. a decrease) in service costs.

This report highlights key methods of innovating CX at scale, including how to:

  • Identify the challenges that exist in using AI to address optimizing operations
  • Get crucial insight into market and customer trends that could influence CX activities by breaking down data siloes
  • Create hyper-personalized experiences with AI-enabled analysis of every interaction
  • Empower agents and boost engagement by automating repetitive tasks

Empower CX innovation with AI for lasting results.

The future of retail customer service: Interactive and unified


In their efforts to deepen customer relationships in the face of economic uncertainty, many forward-thinking brands have transitioned from helping customers in an efficient, yet seemingly transactional way, to understanding and engaging with each customer as an individual. Increasingly, they are looking to push service experiences further into ongoing interactive engagements that no longer feel like one-off interactions.

This Talkdesk Research report, based on a global survey of 303 CX professionals employed by Retail and eCommerce organizations with more than 200 full-time employees, explores brands’ evolving ambitions for customer service and the steps leaders can take now to be well-positioned for success going forward.

View our interactive report to learn more about:

  • How leading brands are working to deliver interactive and unified customer experiences.
  • The issues brands are facing that undermine their existing customer service goals.
  • Why customer support is expanding beyond agents and store staff, and how to prepare.

Creating a culture of compassion in retail contact centers


No one calls a contact center because they’re happy. They reach out because they have a problem to solve, which is often stressful for everyone involved.

But what if there’s a better way? Imagine customer service where everyone leads with humanity and the burden of kindness doesn’t rest solely on the shoulders of customer service agents. What if leaders, customers, and agents focused on extending compassion in each interaction?

Starting a virtuous cycle of compassion—leaders to agents, agents to customers, and customers back to agents—can catalyze better interactions, higher customer satisfaction, and a stronger business.

In this guide you will learn:

  • Why leading with compassion goes beyond empathy and sympathy.
  • What steps leaders can take to cultivate a culture of compassion in their contact centers.
  • What agents can do to better extend compassion towards customers.
  • How all of us, as shoppers, can also extend compassion during customer service interactions.

Generative AI and the healthcare contact center of the future


We’re at the beginning of a massive shift in how healthcare organizations will deliver patient and member support, as expectations for automated and convenient service continue to rise. The generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) large language models (LLMs) behind ChatGPT and some of the other generative AI systems are going to be transformative for healthcare contact centers. Find out how this exciting new technology will change everything from patient self-service to the role of the healthcare contact center agent.

Topics include:

  • Improving access and equity through conversational AI.
  • Using AI analytics across the full patient journey.
  • Getting patients answers, not articles, in self-service.
  • Finding insights from every patient call, text, and chat through automation.
  • The healthcare contact center agent of the future.

The future of patient experience: Unifying interactions in healthcare


Healthcare providers are challenged with fragmented patient experiences that make it difficult to meet rising expectations for easy, seamless, and connected interactions. Many organizations have implemented a range of digital technologies as patients have more choices on their preferred communication channels. But leaders rate inconsistent patient experiences across disjointed touchpoints to be the most pressing challenges they face.

This Talkdesk Research report, based on a global survey of 115 healthcare executives in partnership with College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME), examines the importance of an end-to-end patient engagement strategy that is integrated with health record systems.

Download the report to learn more about:

  • The challenges of fragmented patient experience.
  • How leading providers are working to deliver a consistent patient journey.
  • Steps to take for successfully consolidating technologies.

The future of customer service in insurance


Discover how AI is transforming customer experience in insurance and how to leverage generative AI to improve customer service.

This report explores the challenges faced by insurance companies to deliver a differentiated customer experience that allows them to retain customers in spite of renewal costs and fierce competition.

In this report, you’ll discover:

  • The transformative potential of AI to automate processes, improve operations, and enhance risk assessments.
  • How generative AI empowers insurance companies to set higher customer service standards.
  • How to successfully engage with customers to build brand advocates and lasting relationships.

Talkdesk 2024 CX in Banking survey: An industry benchmark


Unlocking the Power of AI and Omnichannel Strategies in Banking CX.

The Talkdesk 2024 CX in Banking Survey dives deep into the progress made by banks and credit unions in enhancing customer experiences through AI and unifying communication channels. The report uncovers the impact of AI-powered CX technology on banking customer service operations, including the drivers, benefits, and barriers to implementing an omnichannel strategy that combines agent-led support with AI-driven self-service options.

Key findings:

  • More than half of respondents (56%) expect their company to increase their investment in CX technology by 10% or more over the next three years.
  • Improving digital service with AI is the most often cited (59%) CX technology initiative by respondents who are increasing investment.
  • On average, 81% of financial institutions expect that all support interactions will be resolved at first contact within three years.

Customer Experience (CX) Trends First Ed. - Customer service insights in the GenAI era


In a rapidly evolving business environment, understanding CX trends and overcoming associated challenges has become crucial for organizations. To gain insights, a comprehensive Customer Experience survey was conducted globally, targeting both the practitioner and the consumer, with the goal to explore the current state of CX, identify emerging trends, and highlight key challenges faced by businesses in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Forrester: The Total Economic Impact™ of ServiceNow Field Service Management


ServiceNow Field Service Management (FSM) addresses the challenges companies face when managing field service processes manually or through disparate software solutions. These issues, such as siloed operations, unmet KPIs, and rising costs, are resolved by ServiceNow FSM's real-time visibility, streamlined routing, and automation. This leads to significant time savings and improved case management with augmented reality and AI features.

According to the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study commissioned by ServiceNow, adopting ServiceNow FSM not only rationalized field service infrastructure and enhanced data visibility, but also boosted customer and employee satisfaction. With flexibility and seamless integration, ServiceNow FSM is found to be an impactful solution for its customers.

Customer Operations For Dummies, 2nd ServiceNow Special Edition


Customers want answers to their issues and requests yesterday. So how can you empower your teams to deliver proactive service? Get Customer Operations For Dummies, 2nd ServiceNow Special Edition, your guide for fueling seamless customer experiences. Inside, you’ll learn the secret to connecting teams across your enterprise, enabling you to gain visibility over all issues, gift customers the ability to self-serve, and meet ever-evolving customer needs—all at a lower cost.

Deliver experiences customers crave: The 3 imperatives for leaders’ approach to CX in 2024


One frustrating experience can be all it takes to lose a customer—yet one delightful experience can spark the beginning of a lifetime of loyalty. But those interactions won’t happen at all if your organization fails to live up to customers’ expectations—and these expectations are constantly evolving and expanding. In today's environment, you need a 360-degree view of customer interactions to enable your team to deliver the seamless, self-directed, and memorable experiences customers crave.

Driving success in field service with AI innovation


See how to build capabilities around AI in field service using the ServiceNow platform and discover how to make field service more efficient with specific use cases that highlight ServiceNow and the customers as the Hero of AI.

A manufacturing CHRO’s guide to elevating employee experiences while reducing costs


Discover the key strategies to provide extraordinary experiences for desk and deskless workers.

Discover strategic solutions for your manufacturing HR challenges. Learn how to provide exceptional experiences for both desk and deskless workers while reducing operational costs. In a sector where efficiency is king, this eBook dives into the unique needs of your entire workforce.

Streamline HR support like never before. Up to 80% of your manufacturing workforce is deskless, often underserved by disconnected HR processes. Explore practical insights to enhance your operational value by providing unified experiences, improving talent retention, and reducing the cost of serving employees, wherever they work.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to tackle today’s most important challenges and imperatives such as:

  • Keeping employees connected and productive on the factory floor.
  • Ensuring managers and employees have the next-level skills they need.
  • Addressing deskless worker needs with tailored digital processes.
  • Leveraging AI and automation to cut costs and improve interactions.
  • Enhancing connectivity and productivity for deskless employees.
  • Maximize your HR department’s impact

It’s time to drive long-term profitability and transform your manufacturing workforce. Read the eBook for actionable insights and strategic solutions tailored to elevate your employee experiences and reduce costs.

Smart Industry Report: GenAI in Manufacturing - Employee engagement


Download this Special Report to learn more about connecting deskless workers during the industry's digital transformation. Amid the excitement of digital transformation, is there a risk of neglecting people? This Special Report emphasizes the importance of keeping our workforce a top priority. Our hands-on employees are considered "the future," and while technology is crucial, it's equally vital to invest in human capital both within and outside the factory.

This SI e-book explores:

  • The ongoing revolution of artificial intelligence within the factory, stressing the significance of involving deskless employees, field service personnel, and engineers in the transformation process.
  • The necessity for robust communication and support systems for employees, especially those who are "deskless."
  • The value of "middle-skilled" workers and how tapping into their capabilities can drive manufacturers toward achieving their digital transformation goals.

Download this Special Report for more insights.

The Forrester Wave™: Customer Service Solutions, Q1 2024


As the largest segment of the CRM market, customer service and support (CSS) continues to grow. ServiceNow has been named a Leader for the first time, in The Forrester Wave™: Customer Service Solutions, Q1 2024. Read this unbiased, third-party evaluation of vendors to see how you can equip agents with real-time information and intelligent guidance, while orchestrating the entire customer lifecycle, on a single platform.

IndustryWeek Ask the Expert: Gain an Edge with More Engaged Factory Employees (aka deskless worker)


For manufacturers with thousands of production and field service employees, even incremental improvement in employee experience can have a significant bottom-line impact. Organizations that invest in employee experience are four times more profitable than those that don’t, according to Forbes. Based on Gallup research, engaged employees are 21% more productive than employees who aren’t engaged.

Download this paper from IndustryWeek to learn how IT and HR leaders are working together to improve the work lives of their diverse workforce.