How a Rapid CX Response Can Save Lives

Customer experience can be one of the most crucial aspects of any business since it is one of the few direct and constant gateways between the company and its customers. The experience that customers have with a call center is an extension of the brand and their established relationship but also the company's guarantee on products sold. After all, if the customer isn't sure how to use the product or the product doesn't work, not only will the brand's image be tarnished but a crisis can occur if not resolved in real time.

When working with corporations in the medical industry, government, insurance, and many others where complex equipment is used and customer call center response times can be a matter of life and death, responding to calls accurately and within moments is crucial. For example, when call centers represent medical companies, a delay in service or error can literally shut down an emergency room, leaving patient healthcare at risk. And adding to the complexity, medical equipment is regulated by the FDA and is often sold to hundreds of hospitals and medical facilities around the world spanning multiple businesses with varying processes. This creates a web of varying instructions per hospital that could change based on the type of equipment and situation. In a call center with these highly complicated conditions, accuracy and efficiency are key.

According to a recent Salesforce State of Marketing report, 68 percent of companies are competing on the sole basis of customer experience, and Gartner states that 81 percent of businesses anticipate that CX will be a determining factor of competition in their market sector.

So how do large global corporations dealing with sensitive information transform CX?

The role of artificial intelligence in the CX experience will play a major role in the retrieval of responses faster and easier since the intuitive aspect of the technology can learn and predict the questions immediately. Search for answers and the capacity to receive the accurate information seamlessly is one of the most important factors is responsive CX.

Additionally, all too often, companies have information scattered among multiple databases and spreadsheets and in call centers that receive hundreds of thousands of calls a year. This leaves room for error, even among the best representatives. To streamline all answers, especially in businesses that have a myriad of products and services, it is important to have all of the information in a single knowledge-based management platform so that representatives can easily access what they need, when they need it.

In fact, in a recent Gartner survey, the top emerging technology that will leave the biggest mark on the CX industry in the next three years is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence and machine learning provide the intuitive approach to knowledge-based management.

As stated by Gartner Research Vice President Olive Huang, "Extend your spending to different technologies as your CX maturity increases, paying particular attention to customer analytics investments."

AI-centric knowledge-based management technology that can accurately respond to questions at the right moments and within seconds will provide customers will the reliability they need at critical times and create the business impact your company needs at all times.

Sagi Eliyahu is CEO of KMS Lighthouse, a search technology provider.