Managerial and Training

New capabilities make Ada's AI Agent smarter, more trustworthy, and capable of reasoning.
Posted May 24, 2024

Sabio's Wellbeing Companion aims to boost contact center agent well-being and performance through artificial intelligence, analytics, and human insight.
Posted May 21, 2024

Glia Cortex delivers personalized self-service experiences at scale, improves agent productivity, and provides new insights for managers. (Featured on
Posted May 20, 2024

LGBTQ Hotline, HSBC, and Coca-Cola all have big plans for Genesys' contact center solutions.
Posted May 15, 2024

Enhancements to the Avaya Experience Platform leverage artificial intelligence, analytics, and integration partnerships to streamline operations.
Posted May 15, 2024

Calabrio's Workforce Management contact center software integrates with Avaya Experience Platform Public Cloud.
Posted May 15, 2024

Genesys is expanding Genesys Cloud with more empathetic, intuitive AI for orchestrating customer journeys.
Posted May 14, 2024

Vonage has expanded its Vonage Premier for Service Cloud Voice solution through an integration with Salesforce Einstein Conversation Insights.
Posted May 14, 2024

Avaya and LivePerson have integrated their product, go-to-market, and services to provide a unified, omnichannel suite for customers with on-premises, hybrid, or cloud contact centers.
Posted May 13, 2024

Edify brings workflow, customer journey orchestration, and other AI-powered technologies into the Avaya Experience Platform.
Posted May 09, 2024

Intradiem's Machine Learning Burnout and Attrition Indicator can predict agent burnout while supporting well-being in contact centers.
Posted May 07, 2024

Zingtree's CX Answers and CX Actions automate and optimize customer interactions.
Posted April 30, 2024

Technavio says the growth of emotion analytics will fuel the speech industry's surge. (Featured on
Posted April 30, 2024

Recent platform additions include 8x8 Engage, 8x8 Operator Connect for deeper integration with Microsoft Teams, and new bulk messaging for outbound customer engagement.
Posted April 26, 2024

New alliance combines TTEC's RealSkill curriculum development and learning methodology with Bright's AI-enhanced, immersive learning technology to improve contact center agent performance.
Posted April 24, 2024

Automation can reduce supervisor intervention in basic contact center operations by at least 90 percent, prompting new automation product release.
Posted April 12, 2024

Companies need to do a better job of selling AI to contact center leaders and employees and customers.
Posted March 28, 2024

NICE's latest Enlighten Copilot version drives personalized employee augmentation for agents, supervisors, and CX leaders.
Posted March 26, 2024

Five9's GenAI Studio offers click-and-customize generative AI for the contact center.
Posted March 26, 2024

Talkdesk integrates Verint's advanced, automated workforce management capabilities powered by artificial intelligence into Talkdesk CX Cloud.
Posted March 25, 2024

NICE's Enlighten XM leverages unique LLM deep data memory to drive hyper-personalized customer journeys.
Posted March 25, 2024

Third-party integrations, auto-summarization, automated agent performance evaluations, and chat guidance round out the new Amazon Connect offerings.
Posted March 25, 2024

Uniphore's new U-Analyze platform combines data and artificial intelligence to help companies improve customer experiences and agent performance. (Featured on
Posted March 21, 2024

Five9 customers now have access to SuccessKPI's contact center intelligence for agents, supervisors and executives, from speech and text analytics to complete BI and reporting.
Posted March 20, 2024

Verint TimeFlex Bot leverages AI for contact center agent scheduling.
Posted March 19, 2024

AudioCodes' new omnichannel experience will support email and webchat in a one-screen Microsoft Teams contact center built in Azure.
Posted March 15, 2024

iQor will harness NICE's CXone platform in its outsourcing business.
Posted March 13, 2024

GoTo's Contact Center Pro brings contact center-as-a-service technology to mid-market and enterprise businesses.
Posted March 12, 2024

Talkdesk Autopilot is a generative AI customer service experience with self-service use cases for banks and retailers.
Posted March 06, 2024

Calabrio's GovSuite cloud contact center solution is a workforce performance suite for optimized government customer service.
Posted March 06, 2024

Playvox's full suite of Workforce Management solutions are now available on the Five9 CX Marketplace.
Posted February 27, 2024

Gartner's customer service and support predictions for 2024 highlight the transformative impact of generative AI. (Featured on
Posted February 23, 2024

Advanced genAI solutions from Authenticx give healthcare organizations a platform to analyze findings hidden in customer conversations. (Featured on
Posted February 20, 2024

New alliance adds Playvox's workforce engagement management solutions to Intelisys' portfolio.
Posted February 14, 2024

Zenarate enhanced Call Analyzer with Call Insights to surface customer call trends and drive proactive agent training
Posted February 09, 2024

Glia's Unified Interaction Management eliminates disjointed experiences for contact center staff and customers.
Posted February 06, 2024

New 8x8 XCaaS Platform capabilities include AI-generated post-meeting summaries and action items, omnichannel experiences, global workforce support, and deeper integrations.
Posted January 26, 2024

USAN Realm empowers contact centers to create, deliver, and manage Amazon Connect deployments.
Posted January 23, 2024

Zendewsk's Klaus acquisition brings additional quality management capabilities.
Posted January 08, 2024

Enlighten AI innovation, Microsoft Azure availability, and WFM forecasting round out the new offerings in CXone.
Posted December 21, 2023

Talkdesk Education Smart Service is an industry-specific contact center product for colleges and universities.
Posted December 21, 2023

With its StateRAMP authorization, U.S. state and federal agencies can access the latest Genesys cloud and AI technologies to improve the customer experience.
Posted December 21, 2023

Glance's human collaboration solutions enable Genesys Cloud CX users to deliver more personal, tailored support.
Posted December 05, 2023

Five key changes to reframe the value equation of the contact center
Posted December 01, 2023

Partnership combines CommunityWFM's contact center workforce management software with the Newbridge product suite.
Posted November 30, 2023

Cyara's acquisition of QBox delivers advanced conversational AI testing capabilities for improved chatbot accuracy and performance
Posted November 29, 2023

Amazon's generative AI introductions include Amazon Q, Amazon Connect Contact Lens, Amazon Lex in Amazon Connect, and Amazon Connect Customer Profiles.
Posted November 28, 2023

Salesforce Service Intelligence provides AI-powered insights into customer service interactions with Service Cloud.
Posted November 16, 2023

The specialized LLM aid in the development of augmented agent assistance tools, conversational AI, voice and chatbots, and conversational analytics.
Posted November 15, 2023

Content Guru's brain AI now supports other generative AI platforms, including OpenAI's GPT, Microsoft Azure, and Google's PALM2.
Posted November 15, 2023