Megan Neale

Co-founder and chief operating officer of Limitless
Megan Neale

Megan Neale is co-founder and chief operating officer of Limitless, a Gig CX platform powered by artificial intelligence that is empowering people to earn money for providing brilliant customer service for brands they love. Megan is widely regarded as a thought leader in digital innovation for customer care. Her passion for customer and client first, combined with her constant drive for innovation, led her to co-found Limitless in 2016.

Articles by Megan Neale

Gig CX can help companies cut costs, retain employees, and increase customer satisfaction, all of which are crucial during times of economic uncertainty.
Posted September 13, 2022

GigCX in some respects is better at customer service than traditional company agents in a contact center.
Posted March 08, 2022

Worldwide, we're seeing gaps in the supply chain due to shortages of products, but the CX economy is also experiencing gaps. Here's what can be done.
Posted November 15, 2021