Dimitris Vassos

Co-founder and CEO of Omilia
Dimitris Vassos

Dimitris Vassos, co-founder and CEO of Omilia, is a natural language technology visionary with more than 18 years of experience in customer care self-service solutions. His career started in 1997 with IBM UK, where he contributed to IBM’s voice product portfolio development and its rollout in more than 70 countries. Upon his return to Athens, Greece, in 2002, he founded Omilia out of his garage. Since then, Omilia has grown to become a world leader in NLU technology, and Vassos has led the team to deliver true natural language self-service solutions to numerous organizations across the world.

Articles by Dimitris Vassos

Thanks to the advancements of generative artificial intelligence, the call center and its agents will rapidly evolve in the years ahead.
Posted February 26, 2024