Zappix Adds Drag-and-Drop API Support for Visual IVR Integrations

Zappix, a provider of visual interactive voice response (IVR) technology, today announced that its mobile software platform will include tools that simplify API integrations with back-office systems, including account management, billing, and CRM.

A software-as-a-service offering, Zappix's Visual IVR is designed to help contact centers provide customers with self-service options they can access from the screens of their smartphones. The solution meshes voice and non-voice visual content on channels such as phone, web, live chat, mobile online forms, and audio/video sources. Customers can explore different options for retrieving answers to their questions and advice during service communications.

According to Gal Steinberg, Zappix's vice president of marketing, the updated platform aims to further improve the customer experience by enabling companies to import data from API calls, such as CRM data, order data, and any other information that might be relevant to a service-related call, without having to manually code a new plug-in. Records from the API calls can then be displayed in customers' Visual IVR screens and incorporated into viewable decision trees as changes in their account status occur.

Steinberg alludes to research that found vocal outreach is still among the preferred methods for customers seeking service from contact centers. Because of this, he says, adding extra information that callers can access during their outreach improves their overall experience and ultimately reduces contact center expenses. "Companies can provide a lot more information on a visual screen—anything from showing the account an order to identity authentications and emails, Steinberg says. "You cannot capture an email through a regular IVR," he stresses.

Steinberg elaborated on the benefits in a statement:

"Providing data directly from companies' back-office systems and displaying it on the caller's smartphone during a customer service call has never been easier, regardless of the channel the user has selected. Providing customers access to both live voice and non-voice self service channels increases satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS)."

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