Verint Adds Accountability to Enterprise Feedback Management Solution

Verint has expanded its Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) solution which now features case management capabilities to help organizations reduce churn and help prevent customer issues before they have a chance to happen.

The solution captures and analyzes Web, mobile and IVR surveys in hundreds of languages and across thousands of users, and provides customer journey tracking to help prioritize and resolve issues that have the highest impact on business metrics and the customer experience. Siobhan Miller, director of solutions marketing at Verint, explains that the new case management solution uses survey responses that can automatically generate a case and assign it to someone, adding accountability to the system.

“Companies have been asking, how do we go from reactive customer feedback to proactive customer engagement, and how do we build in accountability to make sure that the feedback are acted on appropriately and that we’re actually going out there and proactively solving issues?” says Siobhan Miller, director, solutions marketing, Verint. “You can go out there and following up with a customer to solve issues and possibly turn a detractor into a promoter of your organization.”

The solution tracks how long cases are open, the amount of time it takes to recover, closing, and who owns the case and follow-up, Miller says. “We have all the very detailed operational, tactical focus on this on an individual basis,” she says.

Other features include:

  • Trigger alerts based on selected criteria, such as low satisfaction score.
  • Track and align issues and opportunities by stage in the customer journey, business unit, product/service or other criteria.
  • Assign and prioritize cases automatically to help ensure timely responses and balanced workloads.
  • Diagnose issues, identify root causes, and collaboratively plan a best course of action.
  • Communicate with customers proactively throughout the process and their preferred channel.
  • Monitor case status, resolution times and full audit trails centrally, across all cases and over time to help ensure follow-up and closure.
  • Identify trends and best actions taken with holistic journey tracking and analysis, real-time dashboards and reporting.


 Miller says that with solution, Verint is differentiating itself from other players in the field since it builds in the ability to holistically view case management and figure out which processes or business units are the red flags for an organization, which helps to prioritize how a company should be managing customer experience.

“We talk a lot about voice of the customer and customer experience, they’re really hot topics right now so a lot of companies are focusing on this, and they might talk a good game,” says Miller. “What this [solution] helps you do is that when you build accountability even down to the individual level, you’re helping to create a culture that has a customer focus to it. You’re no longer just reacting and it’s not just someone else’s problem in the contact center, now this is our company problem and they all own the customer experience to better engage customers.”